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Chapters of Heritage: Glasnevin Cemetery Museum - Learning through Objects

Chapters of Heritage: Glasnevin Cemetery Museum - Learning through Objects

M. O'Connor
Glasnevin Cemetery Museum

Inspired by the sub-theme of ‘Heritage on your doorstep’ this project focuses on a selection of artifacts and memorials that are connected to Glasnevin Cemetery and to the Museum. Therefore, the focus is mainly on tangible, built heritage but also incorporates aspects of cultural heritage.

In 1832, the first burial in Glasnevin Cemetery took place and since then, over 1.5 million people have been laid to rest within its walls. The objects in question explore a selection of chapters from Glasnevin’s long and diverse history. From a trowel used to lay the foundation stone of the O’Connell Tower, to the badge of a munition worker during the First World War, to the registers of the past.

The aim was to explore the story behind each object, its links to Glasnevin Cemetery and the insight it provides into the wider context of the time. Photographs were used throughout – each object is captured in a central image with accompanying images for greater context. Existing knowledge was built upon through additional sources and genealogical research, and insightful imagery was obtained from other repositories.

This project aims to highlight the potential and diverse learning opportunities that are presented by objects from the past.

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