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Castlekevin historical background and medieval importance

Marcelo Pacheco
Roundwood & District Historical & Folklore Society

We would like to publicise the importance of the Motte and Bailey of Castlekevin situated in the townland of the same name about one kilometre from Annamoe in County Wicklow.

The story of Castlekevin shows how important a role it played in medieval Ireland. The Motte and Bailey were built by Anglo-Normans in around 1200 and in 1225, the Archbishop of Dublin was granted a weekly market at Castkekevin, making this market about 800 years old! We engaged a local historian Martin Timmons who has written extensively about Castlekevin and contributed by producing the document narrated during the presentation. We also requested the help of the Wicklow Uplands Council who helped us with the drone filming of the site. The person who narrated was a schoolboy of 15 years of age so we had quite a cross-section of ages in the project. Our ultimate aims are to have an archaeological LIDAR survey done of the Castlekevin site and make people aware of its existence.

Castlekevin Heritage Week Video

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