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Carlingford's medieval monuments through Mandarin

Carlingford's medieval monuments through Mandarin

Megan Woods
Carlingford Lough Heritage Trust

This project has sought to make the built heritage of the medieval town of Carlingford, Co. Louth accessible to Mandarin-speaking visitors.

The project was inspired by a Chinese volunteer, Yuchen, who is deeply interested in Irish heritage and wanted to get involved in some way. As there is a large Chinese plant, as well as an Institute of Technology which regularly welcomes Chinese students in a town close by, we thought it would be useful to have the history of our main medieval attractions made more accessible to those who visited. We thought it would also be a way for Yuchen to learn about our rich medieval history. Whatever we asked Yuchen to translate, she did in double quick time and came asking for more to do. This was despite the fact that there was a lot of technical vocabulary and concepts not common to Chinese history (e.g., Vikings, Normans, Williamite Wars).

Submitting this project is a tribute to Yuchen and all our volunteers who have a deep-rooted desire to be involved in heritage as well as in community (albeit oftentimes working online and at a distance during COVID-19) and who give so generously of their time, energy and skills. Yuchen has made an important contribution to Carlingford Heritage, allowing us to better share in coming years our rich medieval heritage with Mandarin-speaking visitors.

Carlingford's Medieval Monuments through Mandarin

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