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Bronze age experience near Finny and Lough Nafooey

Bronze age experience near Finny and Lough Nafooey

Yvonne Finn
Joyce Country & Western Lakes GeoEnterprise

Between the village of Finny and overlooking Lough Nafooey in the hills of Cummer, County Mayo, we will explore a recently discovered ancient hilltop enclosure surrounded by stone walls which possibly has its origins in the Bronze Age or Neolithic times. We will visit the site of a possible ‘Fulacht Fiadh’ or ancient cooking site, dating back, most likely, to the Bronze Age, exploringe the practices associated, their siting, construction, cooking method, their extent in Ireland, etc.

This area has some exceptional landscape features, which were formed during the Ordovician period some 490 to 440 million years ago which created the Lough Nafooey Volcanic arc and in more recent times during the last glacial maximum, some 24,000 to 21,000 years ago. Our project proposes to create a short film on location where a local expert, Christie Lawless, will demonstrate and talk about the ancient hilltop enclosure and the site of a possible Fulacht Fiadh. A second local expert, Trish Walsh, Director of Petersburg OETC will give a talk on the unique geology and landscape visible in the area. In addition, on-site recordings of 2 local musicians (Seán Finn and Ríona Conoboy) will be included in the video.

Bronze Age Experience near Finny, County Mayo, Ireland

Event Details

  • Thursday 19th August 7pm- online launch of the video
  • The video will be created at the start of Heritage week 14/15 August (weather dependent) and the video created by this project "Bronze Age experience near Finny, Co Mayo will be launched online. A short summary and link to the video will be widely posted on social media sites of the Joyce Country & Western Lakes Geopark project and circulated to all communities within the Geopark project to be posted on their websites. In advance of the launch there will be advertisements circulated on our social media sites, informing the public of the launch.

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