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Bringing the Community Together, Having Spent So Long Apart

Bringing the Community Together, Having Spent So Long Apart

Redwood Castle Committee

As part of National Heritage Week 2020, an open-air gathering was held on the grounds of Redwood Castle on Sunday, 16th August,

Family tables and chairs were set out on the lawn. Contact tracing, appropriate signage and sanitising were all in place thanks to the support of our Covid liaison officer & CFR Carmel Slevin. The families came with their own picnics, utensils, and cutlery, and they was entertained with music, dancing, and dramatizations.

The afternoons events were outlined by master of ceremonies Cll. Michael O Meara. The characters who lived in Redwood Castle through the centuries were brought to life by Lorrha Drama Group. The actors were splendid in colourful costumes. Accounts of historical events were narrated with passion and originality.

Traditional Irish music on the day was by the Coen, Campbell and Holmes families who serenaded the visitors. A young Irish dancer, Leanne Sullivan, barely touched the ground when she danced her reels.

Sarah Moran stopped the crowd in their tracks with her rendition of Oro se do breath abhaile.

Mary and Mike McGeeney in medieval costume, danced an old Irish waltz.

Redwood Castle - National Heritage Week 2020

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