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Bere Island: A Spiritual Heritage

Bere Island: A Spiritual Heritage

Helen Riddell
Bere Island Projects Group

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the construction of the Bere Island Holy Year Cross, a large stone cross which stands on the island’s highest point. The cross was funded and built by the island people at home and abroad to commemorate the Holy Year of 1950. Just below the Holy Year Cross is St Michael’s Holy Well, which is said to cure ailments of the eyes. Located in the same townland is St Michael's Church and adjoining graveyard. The graveyard also contains a number of British Commonwealth War graves. The history and construction of the Holy Year cross, folklore associated with St Michael’s Well, and the history of the island church and grotto will be documented in an article on spiritual heritage of Bere Island available on the Bere Island website and social media channels and will feature on Bere Island Community Radio's Sunday programme Beara and Beyond.

Bere Island: A Spiritual Heritage

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