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Beekeeping Live!

Beekeeping Live!

Mark Fitzpatrick
North Kildare Beekeepers' Association

Due to the pandemic, North Kildare Beekeepeers' Association are bringing beekeeping online like never before!

On the Saturday, 15th August they will be hosting a Live Pollinator Walk with experts in honeybee and other pollinators. We will get a look through the plants and pollinators available that day with live feedback via the messages function.

Later in the day, they will suit up online and open a hive at their association apiary.

Viewers will be able to get ring side seats to see how the beekeeper goes about his/her work and delve into the fascinating workings of a bee hive.

Watch as the beekeeper gets prepared, lights the smoker, approaches the hive and completes the inspection via live stream. Again comments and questions can be addressed throughout the event which will be hosted by experienced beekeepers capable of answering your every question.

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