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Bantry Museum digitisation project

Cathriona Tobin

  • Co. Cork County

Bantry Museum, which displays Bantry Historical & Archaeological Society (BH&AS)’s collection of artefacts, functions as an important archive of local historical research and documents for students and historians, as well as being a tourist attraction.

To ensure the future sustainability of the museum, BH&AS is addressing the documentation, condition of, storage and use of the museum’s collections. The first stage in this project involves completing an inventory of the museum’s artefacts and documents, and digitising the collection.

To do this, BH&AS volunteers will digitally photograph each item, and scan each document, and add these to a categorised and searchable online database of artefacts. This database will include a photo of each item and its historical significance, as well as its age, provenance, copyright and ownership status, and condition (including a ranked system detailing the urgency of any repairs needed).

This online database will form part of a permanent “digital museum”, housed on BH&AS’s existing website, and allow BH&AS to showcase the museum's collection through a rotating series of virtual exhibitions.

Bantry museum digitisation project

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