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Ballinlough Crannog Digital Interpretative Project

Ballinlough Crannog Digital Interpretative Project

Dermot Winston
Ballinlough Granlahan Heritage Group

The Ballinlough Crannog project showcases Ballinlough’s hidden jewel and brings it to life in the digital world. We have developed two separate digital tools for people to experience and learn about the crannog on Lough O’Flynn. One is a short 3D animation, while the other is an interactive virtual environment for people to explore the lake and crannog at their leisure.
Referred to locally as “the island”, the dense cluster of trees towering above the surface of the lake at its southern end is actually the crannog in disguise, and it has long been the subject for questions from children and adults alike. Clearly visible from the nearby carpark and children’s playground, its outward appearance exudes a sense of mystery. Rather than dampen this sense of mystery and enchantment, our digital project will add to it; by bringing it to life with a group of real people living in the middle ages.

Animation of the Ballinlough Crannog

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