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Back to the Past, Valuing Water in the Community

Back to the Past, Valuing Water in the Community

Richard Walsh
Tullahought Community Development Ltd.

Our project “Back to the Past, Valuing Water in the Community” explores Natural Heritage and how past generations accessed water for their day to day requirements in the home and on the farm in the era prior to water schemes and private wells.

We show how these practices changed with the arrival of the piped water supply and how the present day generation are going back to the past methods as the importance of conserving water is realised.

To do this we decided to shoot a short video re-enacting some scenes from the past depicting the collecting of water from various sources around the village, the changes brought about by the arrival of water on tap and the recent response of the community to hose pipe bans and water shortages. Hopefully this video will promote water conservation practices to a wider audience.

Working on this project we have been informed by the older generation of the various practices used to harvest and transport water in the past and the locations of forgotten wells in the area.

The shooting of the film has provoked a lot of interest in the community in the practices of the past and in how we can use the same methods to conserve water in the future.

There has been great community involvement in the project through every age group and the launch of the video for Heritage Week is widely anticipated.

Our music: “Lunassa” by Aislinn is from the Free Music Archive, CC BY-NC-ND

Back to the Past, Valuing water in the community

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