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Awareness of Ennis to locals and diaspora

Awareness of Ennis to locals and diaspora

Larry Brennan
Clare Roots Society

The project attempt through an existing face book portal Ennis Share Your Old Pics (https://www.facebook.com/groups/207402482615642) to make Ennis people at home and abroad aware of aspects of their town within living memory. The portal has 12.9K members. The posting consisted of old videos on Ennis with associated posting of still photos from these videos. In addition, the project has been able to identify people within previous recordings of Ennis. The projection also allows interaction and sharing memories of past events associated with the Town.

Event Details

  • Daily posting of Heritage Films and photographs on Facebook. (Please note I am a regular contributor to this Facebook page, I am not the administrator of the page). This is a closed group. You must sign up to being a member of the group.

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