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Ask A Geologist

Ask A Geologist

Laura Smith
Irish Geological Association

At the Irish Geological Association, we regularly receive queries from the public about rocks they've found or queries about the local geology in their area.

At this event, we will endeavor to answer any questions the public may have related to geology. Be they about the landscape, specific rock samples they have found, or the geological history of the island of Ireland. We will have a panel of geologists at hand to answer these questions at what hopes to be an engaging evening of knowledge sharing!

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Event Details

  • Thursday 19th August, 7pm
  • This event will be taking place via Zoom, please register via the online form here: https://forms.gle/izTJQxuRhdu7srRRA The Zoom link will be sent to attendees on the day of the event. Please submit your questions to us beforehand to ensure you get the best answer possible! Even if you don't have a question yourself, feel free to come along! If there is a photo related to your query which you would like to share, please send this via e-mail to info@geology.ie.

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