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An ecological investigation of the Tralee Ship Canal

An ecological investigation of the Tralee Ship Canal

Celine Cusack
Tralee Rowing Club

Tralee Rowing Club (TRC) is located next to the Tralee Ship Canal Basin which it uses for training purposes. The 3 km long canal-side walk along the tow-path is and amenity that is heavily used by locals and visitors.

But have those using the canal amenities ever wondered what lies beneath the surface of the canal waters?

A local marine ecologist notices a large amount of an unusual species, the Australian Tubeworm, growing on the walls of the canal. This prompted TRC to investigation this ecological oddity. Funding was secured from the Local Authorities Waters Programme (LAWPRO) for consultants, Aquafact, to undertake an ecological investigation. The investigation is nearing completion and results confirm that a number of species live in the canal and are well adapted to this brackish water habitat.

So ‘What Lies Beneath?' Our local Ecologist has assisted in preparing an online event showing what has
been found as part of the investigation. In addition, an outdoor event in the form of an open-air display has been prepared. Both events will allow the public to see some of what has been living in the canal.

Please contact the event organisers (details below) for the latest information regarding COVID-19 safety measures and to register for this event

An Ecological Investigation of the Tralee Ship Canal

Event Details

  • Saturday, 14th and Sunday, 22nd August, 1.00 pm - 5.00 pm
  • There will be an outdoor display that allows for social distancing along the canal walk at the Marina. We will have 20 individual posters spaced 3 meters apart. One panel at eye level for children and another poster at eye level for adults. A local marine ecologist and members of Tralee Rowing Club will be in attendance. The outdoor event will take place at the Canal Basin in Tralee.

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