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Airfield Dromartin Jersey Herd - Butter Making

Airfield Dromartin Jersey Herd - Butter Making

Genevieve Whitfield
Airfield Estate

Airfield has been home to the award winning Dromartin Jersey Herd for over a century. Join Airfield’s team and explore the heritage of their famous Dromartin Jersey Herd.

From the first Jersey purchased c. 1894 by Lily Overend; the beautiful letter, penned by Trevor Overend c. 1902 to his daughter Naomi, complete with annotated drawings of their favourite Jerseys; to the present working farm where the Dromartin Jersey Herd continue to provide delicious creamy milk for Airfield’s visitors.

Named after characters from Gilbert & Sullivan operettas – a tradition continued at Airfield today – the Dromartin Jersey Herd provided milk for Dublin’s first pasteurised milk depots, established in 1908 by the Women’s National health Association, the depots assisted in preventing the spread of tuberculosis.

Milk, eggs and butter were initially sold or gifted to neighbours, while from the mid-twentieth century Airfield supplied Jersey milk to local creameries.

Meet the Airfield Dromartin Jersey Herd and rediscover the traditional arts of milking and butter making which continue to provide a source of inspiration and education at Airfield.

Airfield Butter Making

Airfield Dromartin Jersey Herd - Butter Making

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