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Aghabullogue Parish - Names and Places

Aghabullogue Parish - Names and Places

Doug Lucey
ACR Heritage

Names and places are very much a part of local heritage.

This year sees the 10th Anniversary of ACR Heritage’s annual hosting of Heritage Week events. This year’s event is online, and we’ve taken the opportunity to digitally compile a database of names and places within Aghabullogue parish.

The Schools’ Collection, National Folklore Collection was a good starting point for the project. This database is a work in progress, and there are many details yet to be inserted. It will continue to grow and evolve beyond Heritage Week 2020, and will include details gleaned from a wide variety of sources... manuscripts, publications, verbal sources, and online information.

Hopefully it will be of use and interest to present and future generations. Another important aim is to preserve and record, in digital format, names and places associated with our parish, some of which could otherwise be lost to time.

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