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A Maritime Tour of the Archaeology of the Copper Coast

A Maritime Tour of the Archaeology of the Copper Coast

Linda Shine
The Discovery Programme/ Cherish

Take a virtual tour of the Copper Coast in County Waterford with archaeologists from the Discovery Programme: Centre for Archaeology and Innovation Ireland. Explore the maritime history of this fascinating coastline, filled with promontory forts, shipwrecks, mining heritage and sea routes, through the eyes of maritime archaeologist. This is an area of coastline that has already experienced high levels of erosion and climate projections indicate that this will increase particularly with an increased frequency in storm surge events. This increased rate of erosion will impact the archaeological and historical remains on this coastline.
This video showcases records gathered by CHERISH (Climate, Heritage and Environments of Reefs, Islands, and Headlands), a cross-disciplinary project raising awareness and understanding of the impacts of climate change, and extreme weather events on the cultural heritage of the Irish and Welsh regional seas and coast. Archival data, place names, oral tradition, historical records, field survey, aerial views from light aircraft and drones, and marine geophysics, are combined to create a detailed record of the cultural heritage of the coastline. Early settlement exploited the mineral, farmland and marine resources of the area and this is most evident from the late Iron Age and early medieval period in a concentration of coastal promontory forts. The area has a rich mining heritage, indicated by its name and 19th century adits, mine shafts and spoil heaps above the cliffs. The maritime setting, ownership and place on trade routes of these cultural heritage sites will be revealed in this video.

A virtual maritime tour of the archaeology of the Copper Coast, Co. Waterford

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