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A History of the Pubs of Sandymount Walking Tour

A History of the Pubs of Sandymount Walking Tour

Eddie Bohan
1916 Easter Rising Coach Tour

Sandymount is a unique suburb of Dublin with a colourful history. Today there are three pubs in the village supporting a population of approx 9,000. In 1850 when the population was only 1,500, there were eight pubs. Using the history of the area, we trace the rise and fall of the public houses in the area, incorporating the history of the area. Discover the history of The Eagle Tavern, Conniving House, Tunstall's, Flemings, the Bird House and D'arcy's Brewery up to the present day Ryan's Sandymount House, O'Reilly's and Mulligan's pubs. Along the way, you'll hear about WB Yeats, Eamon DeValera. Faux Castles, duelling on the Green, the Beer wars, horse racing on the Strand and ingenious publicity stunts at the Sandymount Tavern. We use the history of the pubs as a pencil to connect the dots creating a picture of the area from the early 18th century to the 21st century. The walking tour begins and ends in Sandymount Green, lasts approx one hour, covering a distance of just over a kilometre. The route is easy for all generations to negotiate with a short distance, no inclines and few roads to cross.

Sandymount Tour

Event Details

  • Saturday 21st August 2021 & Sunday 22nd August 2021
  • A walking tour of Sandymount village focussing on the history of the public houses in the area.

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