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A Harvest Knot for Lughnasa

A Harvest Knot for Lughnasa

Eva Birdthistle
Nenagh Arts Centre

A Harvest Knot for Lughnasa is a cross-generational project that blends Irish Heritage with contemporary culture.

Lughnasa, traditionally marked by communities working together to bring in the harvest, was a time of celebration, fairs, dancing and family gatherings. Along with the making of the straw Cailleach, Harvest Knots & Love Favours were created to either wear for good luck or exchanged as tokens of love.

For the month of July, Nenagh Arts Centre hosted an online workshop with Melanie Lorien, a Heritage in Schools expert, where she discussed the folklore of these knots and showed us how to create our own.

They provided 75 Heritage Harvest Knot packs for individuals, families and groups such as Rehab Care & Puckane Autism Unit to collect at Nenagh Arts Centre with a link to the online workshop. In these packs were all the materials and instructions and a link to both videos, workshop & folklore.

Workshop participants were asked to take a photo of themselves or their loved one wearing the harvest knot they created for our exhibition of selfies, which will be online and in the Arts Centre for August.

The aim if the project was to teach our creative youth a skill they may never have heard of before while reminding an older generation something they may have forgotten.

In an ideal time we would be sat around a table sharing stories while making these harvest knots but during this time we are coming togethter virtually still sharing this experience.

Harvest Knot Exhibition

Harvest Knot Workshop

Harvest Knot Folklore

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