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A Handball Heritage, Revival and Fun event

A Handball Heritage, Revival and Fun event

Joe Greaney
The Neale Heritage and Development Association

Built in 1904, the handball alley in the village has a forgotten but rich heritage and story. The great game is no longer played locally. The story of the initiation and role of handball alleys in rural villages 100 years ago needs to be told and brought to life, as does the facility. It is a no-cost, safe form of outdoor exercise particularly for our young people.

Compliant with COVID-19 protocols, we wanted to revive the sport, celebrate the history and bring the landmark back into public focus and everyday use as a true community facility with most positive social impacts particularly for your people.

Please contact the event organisers (details below) for the latest information regarding COVID-19 safety measures and to register for this event.

Event Details

  • 21st August, 2021, 5.00-8.00 pm
  • - Exhibition hand ball games by visiting clubs with commentary on rules, skills - Children's participative introductory modules (Garda clearance confirmed) - History of game presentation (PPT) - BBQ and Tea/Coffee dock - Short Prayer service for all who played and all who will - Kids 'goodie bags' including GAA Handball branded gifts, key rings, tee-shirts etc - Live music in acoustics of the alley. - Follow up Newspaper Feature and on-line content, lecture - Module offered to local schools - Erection of Educational Story Board on site.

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