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A Glimpse behind the Shopfront

A Glimpse behind the Shopfront

linda stevens
Carlingford Lough Heritage Trust

Carlingford Lough Heritage Trust is organising an exhibition of some 40 photographs of shops and businesses from the past, which will be held at the Heritage Centre in October 2020.

The aim is to tell the story of the role of the shop and local business in the life of the small rural town from the end of 19th century up to the 1970’s, when communities were more isolated and relied heavily on their town traders.

It will look at the importance of a place like the town forge as a meeting place to source information or exchange gossip, rather like the local petrol station/shop/coffee shop may still be today.

Photos reveal the dress of the people; the modes of transport; how the buildings looked; and the different work practices which existed.

For National Heritage Week, we have made a short video to illustrate a snapshot of the exhibition, where we look back at photos of the town grocer/publican O’Hares’.

These introduce us to the typical, successful merchant business in a small town which began in the 1870s and has survived to today, with its shopfront little altered and some of its original interior intact.

We are introduced to the family by interview with the original owner’s great granddaughter, Patricia Morrissey, whose father was the third generation to run the business, and we are taken in behind the shopfront to see the business as it is now – still a thriving pub and meeting place.

A Glimpse Behind the Shopfront

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