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A Digital StoryMap of Dunmore, Co. Galway

A Digital StoryMap of Dunmore, Co. Galway

Sara Slattery
Dunmore Heritage Group

The ‘Digital StoryMap of Dunmore, Co. Galway 2021’ which has received funding from the Heritage Council under the Community Heritage Grants Scheme, is currently under construction. It will highlight the history and development of Dunmore Town from Medieval times to the present day in ArcGIS map form. The story portrayed will include aspects of the ecclesiastical, medieval, architectural history of the town, the natural history of its setting and the stories and cultural connections of its people.

The user will click on any of 15 highlighted locations and text, photographs, music and film will be activated to relay the town’s story.
From a burial mound associated with King Turlough O’Conor, the medieval Dunmore castle and Friary, the growth of the market town, the milling industry of the 18th and 19th centuries, the houses of the landed gentry, vernacular shopfronts, commerce, fairs and markets right up to today’s vibrant community life, it’s an action packed story!

When complete the interactive StoryMap, being developed by Dunmore Heritage Group, will be hosted on Galway County Council Heritage Office Geographical Information System and showcased on the Dunmore Page of the Galway Community Heritage website.

For Heritage Week 2021, we are providing a ‘taster’ of what is to come with 3 trailer videos that will be part of the Digital Storymap. The full project with additional and extended videos will be launched in October 2021!

Dunmore Castle: Hubert Bermingham

Dunmore Town Life: Tommie Howley

Mills: Tom Byrne

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