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3 Castles, Galway City: Conservation repairs

3 Castles, Galway City: Conservation repairs

Annmarie Cusack
Galway City Council

GCC wish to share with the general public particular observations, the decision making process and considerations that the multi-disciplinary team, builder and crafts people were involved in to date.

This includes the completed conservation repair works to the Tirellan Castle (tripartite Jacobean chimney, window repairs, gutter details, sample mixes for the coursework to name but a few), the anticipated works which are just commencing at Merlin Castle (spiral stone stair, bat survey, and stone repairs) and the future works being prepared for Menlough Castle. The three castles are amazing monuments which have stood in Galway City for hundreds of years. It is hoped that a future video will reveal the story of those who lived there, how they built in the past and why it is important to understand this when making decisions about the repair and consolidation works.

Tirellan castle - Chequerboard patterns in the wall plaster

3 Castles

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