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Getting to Know our Native Wildflowers at Millford Weir

21 August, 3pm - 5:30pm

Molly Aylesbury

  • Millford Weir and Canal Carpark
  • Millford weir, Millford, Co. Carlow
  • Co. Carlow

This year’s Heritage week is all about biodiversity and sustainability. From noble trees to fairy steeds-our native flora are steeped in our shared heritage. Once protected under law, our wildflowers are now lost underfoot, often forgotten. The loss of biodiversity means the loss of those stories as well as an environmental crisis. This Water Heritage day reconnects with those fairy tales as you learn how to identify our native wildflowers and hear their stories. We’ll be walking along the canal at Milford weir, joining the Barrow, tracing our history back and learning about our biodiversity. We’ll also be sharing the uses of plants past and present including whether they’re edible or not. Refreshments are kindly being provided by Ballinabranna/Milford/Raheendoran Development Group and there will be some sustainably foraged snacks on hand.

Please wear appropriate clothing for our lovely Irish summers. As this event is beside a river, the path may be muddy, so please way appropriate footwear. We are limiting this event to 20 people and ask that people respect social distancing. This event is sponsored by the Local Water Programme.

There is a car park just up from the weir, where we will be meeting. Parking is also available at the weir. Parking is at own risk

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