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Kilfenora north cross

What's your favourite cross?

19 - 21 August, 10am - 5:30pm

Clare Community Archaeology and Field Monument Advisor Programme

  • Burren Centre
  • The Square, Kilfenora
  • V95W523
  • Co. Clare

Kilfenora is known as 'The City of the Crosses'. In the 12th century, seven high crosses were carved, bearing ornate Christian imagery and symbols, including elaborate geometric knotwork and spirals. They were likely carved to mark the ecclesiastical boundary, and may have commemorated the founding saint, or celebrated the independence of Kilfenora as its own diocese, and they are acknowledged as a fine example of early Christian art.

Six of these crosses remain in Kilfenora: one, the 'West Cross' is well-preserved, and remains extant, in a field west of the Cathedral; the remaining five, of which some are complete and some survive only as fragments, are housed in the 'Lady Chapel' of Saint Fachnan's Cathedral, Kilfenora. They are protected by a glass roof, and accessible to visitors daily.

We invite families to visit the high crosses during Heritage Week 2022, and we would like the children of Co. Clare and beyond to choose their favourite of the crosses. We invite you to represent it artistically, using any medium you like. You may choose to draw or paint an image, or create a 3D representation using playdough, papier mache, or lego.

The pieces that are submitted will be exhibited in the Burren Centre, Kilfenora, from the 19th-21st August, for the enjoyment of all visitors. Please join us in celebrating this wonderful piece of our heritage, whether it is by creating your own piece of art, or admiring the works of our children!

This event is run with support from Clare County Council, the Burren Beo Trust, and the Heritage Council.

Participants, please drop your completed work to the Burren Centre by or on Wednesday, 17th August.

It will be displayed at the Burren Centre for the final weekend of Heritage Week, from the 19th-21st August.

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