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Boreenwalk Dyke Road

Walk of the Boreens

14 August, 9:30am - 12:45pm

Tuatha of Terryland Forest Park

  • The Woodquay Plots
  • Dyke Road, 53.27778814792116, -9.05203750359907
  • Co. Galway – City

Participants will enjoy a guided walk along country trails that were once a major tourist attraction for Galway city over 60 years ago and experience a fascinating insight into a network of largely forgotten country laneways or ‘slow ways’ that stretch from Terryland via Coolough to Menlo and beyond. The starting point will be the “Plots” sports’ pitches at the Woodquay end of the Dyke Road and near the proposed terminus for the Connemara Greenway that will come into being with the construction of a pedestrian/cycling bridge on top of the old railway pillars.

Galway has probably the most traditional rural landscape of any city in Europe. This is particularly true of the Dyke Road – Menlo catchment area that connects the wetlands of the River Corrib to the Terryland Forest Park as well as to the farmlands of Menlo and Castlegar by a way of a network of old rural tracks known as ‘boreens’ or ‘botharíns that formerly served as the transport arteries for the once largely farming population of the district up until the middle of the 20th century.

The Dyke Road-Terryland Forest Park area has the potential to become an ecological corridor of international importance for wildlife and a major eco-tourism hub that this boreen trails network would be part of.

The event is organised by the Tuatha of Terryland Forest Park in association with 'Corrib Beo' and the 'Galway National Park City' initiative.

Participants should suitable weather attire and bring water. Children should be accompanied by an adult

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