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The Land Act 1923 – And How Macroom’s Demesne Escaped State Acquisition

17 August, 6pm - 8pm

  • Meet at ‘New Footbridge’, Spanning River Sullane, adjacent ‘Witches Wood’, Golf Club Carpark, Macroom Castlegrounds,
  • Co. Cork County

Participants will be introduced to the yet singularly intact ‘Designed Landscapes’ of Macroom’s emparked Castle Demesne, recorded in 1345 as ‘the Principal Manor and Park’ of Muskerry.

Our guided tour along ‘Black Gate Avenue’, with its climax oak ecology and habitat, will include an exploration of the 1923 Land Act, which vested powers in our State to acquire by ‘Compulsion’ all ‘Untenanted’ lands in the hands of the Landed Gentry – to no less dismantle seven hundred years of Norman Feudalism.

One Hundred Years ago today, within months of the creation of Saorstát Éireann, our fledgling Government enacted ‘The Land Act 1923’ – We explore its radical aim of relieving forth with, Ireland’s ‘Landed Estates’ of 3,000,000 acres’ – and how Macroom’s Demesne escaped State Acquisition

Guide Dogs Only.

Further Information

Ted Cook / Macroom District Environmental Group, 1983

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