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Floating river vegetation at Cahir

River Habitat Training Workshop

21 August, 10:30am - 1pm

Cabragh Wetlands Trust & North Tipperary Development Company

  • Nenagh Town Park
  • Co. Tipperary

Learn about our rivers and the life they support.
Become a Tipperary Water Guardian
Work with others to spread the word on protecting our waters
Be part of a new movement
Water and Our Water Habitats
Clean water is not a luxury. We are blessed to have it and we need to protect it
Fresh water makes up 3% of the world's water. 1% is available for use as the other 2% are locked up in ice-caps.
The waterbodies within the various catchments of Tipperary support a wide range of livelihoods and ecosystem services.
The statistics in the most recent EPA water quality report highlight that Ireland has gone from having 500 pristine rivers 30 years ago to having just 20 today. This highlights the urgency for awareness raising and follow-on actions to halt this decline and to implement measures to significantly improve the water bodies in line with the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive.

These Training Workshops are promoted by the Cabragh Wetlands Trust in Thurles and are funded by North Tipperary Develop ment Company. The workshops will be delivered by Sean O’ Farrell and Tom Ban.

Enquiries: phone, 087 9227957 or 0879781465

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