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Preserving the Fishing Heritage & Local History of Clarecastle in Film

18 August, 6:45pm - 8pm
21 August, 1pm - 3pm

Eric Shaw

  • Clarecastle 1935 School Time:
  • Ennis Road, Clarecastle
  • Co. Clare

With the buyout of the net salmon licences by the Government in 2006, the traditions and skills require to build the fishing boats in Clarecastle are in danger of being lost. The boat used by the Clarecastle net-fishermen for many years was known as a gandalow, a design of boat used in the Fergus and Shannon Estuaries.

Another traditional boat, the punt boat, with large guns, has not been used on the river Fergus in over 50 years. The guns and a 1960s punt boat are in the hands of the Heritage Group. The Group has filmed the making of the boats by two of the former salmon fishermen in order to record and preserve these skills for future generations, in three short films.

The Heritage Group was presented with a rare autograph book found to contain the signatures of many of the personalities that were present in Ennis for the By-Election in July 1917 and is on national importance. The Group has now decided to bring the story alive in the form of a short film which is an ideal way of bringing history alive. It helps to preserve the historic signatures in a new medium.

The Heritage Group has presented an Illustrated Milestones in Images in film format as a educational resource for the local community and schools.

These five films will also be launched during Heritage Week 2022 and will be featured on the Group’s website under the auspices of the Irish Community Archives Network.

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