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Peatland Restoration Field Trip copy

Peatland Restoration in the Wicklow Mountains Field Trip

19 August, 9:30am - 1pm

  • Turlough Hill Car Park
  • Wicklow Gap, Brockagh, Wicklow
  • Co. Wicklow

There are an estimated 343 hectares of extremely de-vegetated peatland in the Wicklow Mountains. Without vegetation the bare peat simply blows or washes away, causing downstream pollution and carbon loss, and reduces habitats for endangered wildlife.

In spring 2022, NPWS rangers began a project to restore the peatlands in the Wicklow Mountains. Forty tonnes of heather brash, fencing materials and timber to build wooden dams were flown out to remote sites including the Barnacullian Ridge between Tonelagee and Mullaghclevaun mountains.

ReWild Wicklow volunteers helped with spreading this heather brash and grass seed over large areas, building small 'leaky' timber dams and assembling a protective sheep fence to stop trampling and grazing.

This year, NPWS rangers and ReWild Wicklow have begun work on the second phase of these works further up the Barnacullian Ridge. This project has been supported with funding from the Heritage Council, the Local Authority Waters Programme and generous donors to ReWild Wicklow.

Join us on Saturday 19th August as we take a field trip up onto the ridge to visit both phases of restoration works and learn from the NPWS rangers what is involved in this work. Please be aware access to the project site will be a steep hike in rough terrain and all participants must have good hiking boots, waterproof pants and jacket and have experience in hillwalking. Meeting point is Turlough Hill Car Park, Wicklow Gap, Brockagh, Wicklow at 9.30am and we will return to this point by 1pm.

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Heritage Council Grant

This event is part of a project supported under the Heritage Council's grants programme in 2023

Funded by The Heritage Council

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