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Mindfulness the Ellen Hutchins Way, with Campfire Lunch

18 August, 10am - 1:30pm

  • The Garden of Re-Imagination
  • Glengarriff
  • P75 AW26
  • Co. Cork County

Ellen Hutchins had a deep connection with her local landscape. Whenever her health allowed her to, she immersed herself in nature – observing closely, painting, drawing what she saw, searching for new specimens. In recent years, as life slowed during lockdown, many people re-connected with nature. We know that people feel better after spending time in wilder spaces, it’s in our DNA!

 Led by mindfulness practitioner & nature coach Wendy Robinson in a piece of private temperate rainforest in the hills above Glengarriff. You will have the chance to observe deeply, immerse yourself in nature – trees, woodland, plants, greenery, earth, flowers…..  And be guided to notice your experience, notice your nature-connection, make sense of it, learn how to re-create this for yourself at home. Then, taste the wild side of West Cork - gather round a crackling campfire for a demonstration on how to prepare a delicious pesto using wild botanicals from the surrounding woods & together cook a two-course lunch feast!

Tickets  €95: Places limited and booking essential. Book via Two Green Shoots on link below.

This half-day event includes:
* An introduction to mindfulness
* Guided Mindful Walk through the forest
* Discussion in the Gathering Circle, questions, reflections
* Closing Mindful Walk & discussion
* Questions, and resources to take away, to support your ongoing Mindfulness-in-Nature experiences
* Demo on preparing pesto using botanicals from the surrounding forest
* Two-course lunch with drinks cooked around a campfire

This event is suitable for those completely new to Mindfulness, as well as those who have a Mindful Practice.

Your Mindfulness-in-Nature Guide is Wendy Robinson. Wendy is a Chartered Psychologist, Nature Coach and Accredited Mindfulness Teacher. She loves supporting people, in all walks of life, to bring a quality of mindfulness to their days – be this in nature, when working, or when dealing with stressful life events.

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This event is part of a project supported under the Heritage Council's grants programme in 2023

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