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Tracton Ted Cook 6x4x3 min min

Marking the 30th Anniversary of the ‘U.N. Summit Convention on Biological Diversity and Sustainable Development’ 1993

13 August, 2pm - 4:30pm

  • Our walk, guided by Ted Cook, commences from Minane Bridge carpark (adjacent R. C. Church) – parking is also available at nearby Tracton Arts Centre, Tracton,
  • Co. Cork County

While ecology may ‘be more complex than Humans can think’ (Carson, R. 1966), the 1993 U.N. Convention commits Ireland, as Signatory, to accelerating ‘Mass Ecological Education’. Healthy local nature abhors the static and homogenous, appearing ever to strive towards ‘disaster prevention’ through diversification. Our walk to Gortigrennane will arouse our senses.

Guide Dogs Only.

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Tracton Biodiversity Group / Ted Cook

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