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Letters from the Sea: Seaweed and cyanotype workshop

13 August, 3pm - 5pm

Ellen Hutchins Festival

  • Community Hall
  • Whiddy Island, Bantry
  • Co. Cork County

Inspired by the work of Anna Atkins (1799-1871), artist Sybille Neumeyer is inviting you to explore the poetic encounter of seaweed, water and light through cyanotypes (an early photogram technique using sunlight sensitive paper). In dialogue with and supported by the local community Sybille researched the protection of marine ecologies, climate change and relationships with the sea, while experimenting with sound recordings and algae in West Cork last year during the Glenkeen Garden “Art/ Nature” residency by Crespo Foundation. The Ellen Hutchins Festival is delighted that she has offered to run this very special workshop for them. Carrie O’Flynn, historical re-enactor, and Madeline Hutchins, researcher on Ellen, will also contribute to the session. A second workshop by the artist on listening to and breathing with seaweed will take place on Sunday 14th.

Fee €30 per person (plus ferry)
Places must be booked and paid for in advance.

This event has funding from a County Cork Heritage Grant. The Ellen Hutchins Festival 2022 has funding from a County Cork Amenity Grant and the Environmental Research Institute at UCC.

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