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Ros Tapestry 2 1

Language and the Ros Tapestry

20 August, 3pm - 4pm

  • Rothe House
  • 16 Parliament St
  • R95P89C
  • Co. Kilkenny

Join Dr. Áine Furlong and Ann Griffin Bernstorff as they explore the complexity of communication in early Medieval Ireland.

The Ros Tapestry is a unique project that has been ongoing in the South East of Ireland since 1998 and has involved hundreds of stitchers working on 15 large tapestries depicting our Norman history and linking many of the Norman sites in Ireland’s Ancient East.

The inspiration for this talk comes from the panel "Battles in the Kingdom of Ossory" which is currently being completed in Rothe House. It is estimated that over ten languages were spoken at the battle which must certainly have led to complexities in communication.

Dr Áine Furlong is a committed embroiderer on the Ros Tapestry and a retired lecturer in Second Language Acquisition, French and Intercultural Communication. Her research interests include the relation of pluri-lingualism to creativity, a language-sensitive approach to learning and the central role of learner perception in a variety of contexts including online learning and teaching.

Ann Griffin Bernstorff is the artist who designed each panel of the Ros Tapestry. She conducted in-depth research into the historical background of each of the panels.
She continues to read the most recent publications on Early Medieval Europe and is fascinated by the languages that could be heard at the time and how they migrated.

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