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Cat of kilkenny yellow eyed

Kilkenny Cats and Witches!

13, 19 August, 12pm - 1pm

  • The Medieval Mile Museum
  • St Marys Lane
  • R95K276
  • Co. Kilkenny

A guided tour of the Medieval Mile Museum uncovering the linked history of witchcraft and cats paying particular attention to the history of cats in Kilkenny. Cats have long been associated with the supernatural and many superstitions are still believed about cats.

Witches were often assumed to have had cats as companions and some were even rumored to be able to transform themselves into a cat. Kilkenny is known as the home of the fighting cats a nickname that has more roots than can be counted and is also the site of one of the most dramatic witch trials in Ireland's history. Come along and discover how the characters of the witch and the cat became so entwined.

Please call the museum to book a there will be a maximum capacity of 20 people per tour. Call +353 056 781 7022 or email info@medievalmilemuseum.ie

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