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Honouring our Natural Heritage 'One Earth, One Life, One Voice'

12 August, 11am - 5:30pm
13 August, 10am - 5:30pm

  • Tracton Arts and Community Centre
  • Minane Bridge
  • P17 NP40
  • Co. Cork County

A weekend of events - outings, farm walks, exhibition, videos, talks, workshops, entertainment, conversations. An opportunity to come together with others, to learn, to wonder and be moved by the beauty, diversity and vulnerability of our natural world, our home and life support system. Including:
OPENING: Opening Saturday August 12th with song and verse by Jimmy Crowley and Eve Telford.
KEN BOND: A preview of documentary on the life and work of Ken Bond, esteemed entymologist, Ireland's leading authority on Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths), having spent almost 40 years surveying and recording these important indicator species.
DARA FITZPATRICK: Dara, a passionate bird lover and expert, will present the recommendations of Ireland’s Citizen’s Assembly on Biodiversity.
TONY NAGLE: As our lifestyle removes us further from the natural world, we are losing our capacity to note the destruction and losses and how dramatic those losses are; how can we wake up and see where we’re going - a presentation by ecologist Tony Nagle
TED COOK: Ted, our friend and supporter will be leading an outing towards Gortigrenane woodland retracing the footsteps of last year, an opportunity to sharpen our skills around noticing changes – if any - in the hedgerows and trees and to reflect on the implications of those changes.

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Heritage Council Grant

This event is part of a project supported under the Heritage Council's grants programme in 2023

Funded by The Heritage Council

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