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Honey Bee Workshop by Westport Beekeepers Association

13 August, 11am - 5:30pm
14 August, 11am - 5:30am

Michael Davitt Museum

  • Straide
  • F26 FX37
  • Co. Mayo

Honey bees are incredibly important pollinators for flowers, fruits and vegetables. They transfer pollen between the male and female parts, allowing plants to grow seeds and fruit. One third of the food that we consume daily, relies on pollination mainly by bees. The honey bee workshop forms an integral part of the Michael Davitt Museum's ethos and is consistent with the museum's commitment to the environment and sustainable tourism. Feel free to drop in for an enjoyable, interactive and educational experience. Observe the bees at work in a demonstration hive. This workshop will take place in a safe environment under the supervision of the Westport Beekeeping Association. Protective clothing is not required.
Free event are all welcome.

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