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Hill of allen

Hearing the Voice of the Hill - the Story of the Hill of Allen and its tower

14 August, 11:45am - 2pm
14 August, 2pm - 4pm
14 August, 4pm - 6pm

Denis Dennehy

  • Car Park at the Foot of the Hill
  • Hill of Allen, Allen Cross, Allen
  • Co. Kildare

The Hill being illuminated on Feb 1st invites a telling of the story of the hill over three time periods the earliest times and more recent and the middle story. We will have three voices capture the different phases of the story. The story will be told as the listener ascends it will be a mindful experience and while the ascent is steep in parts it will be self paced. We will run the event three times on Sunday 14th August 12 00, 2 00 & 4 00pm. We hope to restrict group size to enhance the experience for the participants. We welcome interaction and enthusiasts of the hill. The voices are drawn from Local Historians, and enthusiasts it promises to be a pleasant informative experience suitable for all age groups and one that we can build on for the future.

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