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'Waterford & Wine' guided tour - learn about the characters buildings and objects associated with wine in Ireland's oldest city

15 August, 11am - 12pm

Rosemary Ryan

  • Waterford Treasures Medieval Museum Reception
  • Viking Triangle, Waterford City
  • X91 K10E
  • Co. Waterford

Waterford Treasures is focussing on the wine trade with a guided walk in the footsteps of people who enjoyed wine through the centuries and a historic talk /wine tasting. New exhibits will highlight the long tradition.

People have enjoyed drinking wine in Waterford for over fifteen hundred years, wine being needed to celebrate Mass! The Anglo-Norman Gerald of Wales noted about Ireland 'Imported wines are so abundant that you would scarcely notice that the vine was neither cultivated nor gave its fruit here.' Waterford was the wine capital of Ireland in the 1200s, importing more wine than the other royal ports.

Around 1300 a Dominican friar Jeffrey and his friend Servais Copale, the king’s wine tax collector, collaborated in translating a Latin text, adding wine-tasting notes! Wine merchants became mayors of Waterford – Eymar de Godard from Gascony four times and James Rice eleven times! Listen to the ghostly echoes in Mayor Rice's atmospheric wine cellar under the Medieval Museum, hear the stories of his life and work as Mayor.

17th and 18th century Ireland are notorious for the quantities of wine drunk in Ireland, attested by displays of magnificent silver wine and claret jugs and goblets in the Silver Museum and the Bishop’s Palace. Many Waterford family were involved in the wine trade. The Temperance campaign of Father Mathew was very effective in reducing 19th century consumption of alcohol. Today Irish drinkers of wine are regarded as among the best-informed consumers worldwide.

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