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Bantry bay

Landscapes and Seascapes in Bantry - A Geoheritage Walk

16 August, 10:30am - 11:30am

Ronan Hennessy

  • Parking Area
  • Beach (Bantry Airfield)
  • 51.676, -9.49000
  • Co. Cork County

A walk and talk led by geologist Dr Ronan Hennessy, by the shore of Bantry Bay near the airfield, west of Bantry town.

The walk and talk will introduce the origin and formation of familiar landforms, islands and seascapes around inner Bantry Bay. This topographically diverse coastal physical landscape has served as the backdrop to life in this part of West Cork for countless generations - and is a permanent element of our natural heritage.

A County Geological Audit is currently underway in County Cork, supported by Cork County Council, the Heritage Council and Geological Survey Ireland. Many locations around Bantry Bay will feature in the report when published.

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