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Motte 2

'Fortress by the Fane' a Talk on the History of a Motte and Bailey Castle at Inniskeen.

13 August, 3pm - 4pm

  • The Round Tower Church
  • The Glebe, Inniskeen, Co. Monaghan.
  • A91 D1WT
  • Co. Monaghan

Join us in Inniskeen on Sunday, August 13th for a talk by historian Laurence McDermott on the history of the motte and bailey castle in the village.

The talk takes a look at life inside this medieval structure, using a model of the castle and also includes the type of armour worn in the period. It is one of only three mottes in Co. Monaghan and this year is being surveyed as part of the 'Adopt a Monument Scheme' created by the Heritage Council.

The talk takes place in the former Church of Ireland building in Inniskeen. The church is located at the site of the early Christian monastery which gave the village its name. In the grounds lie the remains of a round tower and the graves of local families going back 300 years or more .

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Heritage Council Grant

This event is part of a project supported under the Heritage Council's grants programme in 2023

Funded by The Heritage Council

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