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Foraging Walk on Cross Strand for Wild Child Day

20 August, 4pm - 6pm

Mary O'Malley

  • Cross Beach
  • Cross, Roonith
  • Co. Mayo

Re-discover your Wild Child with a foraging walk on Cross Strand
Saturday 20th August @4pm (Weather Permitting)

Come join Will from @walkonthewildside & Wendy & Steve from @woointhewillows identifying and learning about seaweeds and wildlife on our seashore.
We are delighted to have Will, Wendy & Steve host this foraging day at the beach. The outstanding natural beauty and clear unpolluted waters of Cross Strand serve up a feast of various species of flora and fauna. Where the Atlantic Ocean meets the clear waters of Clew Bay there is an abundance of sea life just waiting to be discovered!

This is another event as part of our Biodiversity project for Louisburgh-Killeen Heritage. Sharing local knowledge, reviving traditional methods of foraging and creating awareness around the natural botanicals that can be used in everyday life. Everyone is welcome, especially children accompanied by adults, and adults are encouraged to allow this experience of ‘Wild Child Day’ re awaken the sense of wonder and delight at the simpler things in life.

Will Williams is Louisburgh’s local foraging expert for mushrooms and botanicals. You can find him regularly guiding groups along the seashore at Old Head Beach and up in the adjacent woods. We are truly lucky to have such an experienced expert in our locality.

Wendy & Steve both keen foragers themselves often accompany Will on his tours. They use all homegrown botanicals in their every growing range of natural body products and source only sustainable ingredients in their food products. We are so grateful to Wendy for the presentation in June ’22 on our Biodiversity sharing evening.

In the event of inclement weather, we will meet indoors at Killeen Community Centre

Check out www.louisburgh-killeenheritage.org

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