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Exhibition of the Paintings and Writings of Michael J Cavan

14 - 21 August

Ardfert Historical Society

  • Ardfert Cathedral,
  • Ardfert, Co Kerry
  • V92KR7P
  • Co. Kerry

Michael J Cavan was born in the West Commons, Ardfert, Co Kerry in 1916 and died in 1996.

Having left school at an early age, he continued learning all his life. He was an amazing artist without formal training. He painted pictures of local building, portraits of local people and national celebrities like James Joyce. He wrote poems about local events and political happenings. He wrote about local history for example local murders, the Land League as well as National and International political events. He wrote in copy books and then sewed the copies together to form beautiful books which he decorated intricately.

This exhibition is a community effort. Many locals contributed to the exhibition allowing copies of their Mickey Cavan pictures in the exhibition. Many stories were collected, and many memories of this much-loved man were shared during the research for this exhibition which started in 2019.

This exhibition is free and takes place in Ardfert Cathedral, Co Kerry from August 14th to 21st. The exhibition will be formally opened on Sunday, August 14th at 3pm.

A brochure containing the works of Mickey Cavan will be available for purchase at this event.

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