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Bog walk and talk on Shanakyle Bog

20 August, 11:45am - 2pm

Connecting Communities with Peatlands

  • TBC
  • Co. Clare

Shanakyle Bog Restoration Project, in partnership with Connecting Communities with Peatlands, invite you to join them for a walk and talk on Shanakyle Bog. The habitat restoration and enhancement European Innovation Partnership (EIP) project began in June 2021. Targeted rewetting of the bog including the installation of peat bunds and peat dams of raised and cutover bog began in October 2021 and was completed in December 2021. It is the first raised bog restoration and rewetting project to be carried out in Co. Clare.

There is a lot to be learned from this project for communities living near to raised bog – the rewetting and restoration process, habitat and biodiversity enhancement, and the benefits they bring to our ecosystem and communities.

Shanakyle Bog is located near Parteen, Co. Clare. It is approximately 70 acres in extent, of which 30 acres was subject to restoration and rewetting work by Shanakyle Bog Restoration Group in 2021. The bog was managed for domestic turf cutting in the past with peat extraction peaking during the 1940s. Turf cutting has not been practiced in over 40 years on the bog and some sections of the bog regenerated to form active raised bog (ARB) on cutover characterised by Sphagnum lawns which give rise to a spectacular display of colours.

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