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Biodiversity on the Slopes Of Errigal min

Biodiversity Walk on the Slopes of Errigal

17 August, 6pm - 7:30pm

Forbairt Dhún Luiche

  • Errigal Car Park
  • Co. Donegal

Bí linn le foghlaim faoi bhithéagsúlacht an Earagail

Errigal Mountain is primarily an upland area. Its national importance in terms of biodiversity conservation is unquestionable since it contains numerous upland habitat types listed under Annex I of the EU Habitats Directive, as well as many rare and threatened birds associated with these habitats.

Dr Florence Renou-Wilson has over 20 years experience of Petlands and their management and will be leading this walk. She will tell us about this unique and diverse habitat. The walk will be restricted to just 15 participants and will cover some of the lower slopes of Errigal. Suitable hillwalking footwear and outdoor clothing are essential.
This event is part of Heritage Week 2022 #heritageweek2022

Booking is essential as we wish to limit the number of people participating in the walk to mitigate any potential damage to the sensitive habitat.
Not suitable for children under 8 years of age.

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