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Big American Swim Whitepoint,Cobh

13 August, 3pm - 4:30pm

  • American Pier Whitepoint, Cobh
  • Whitepoint
  • Co. Cork County

The American Pier Cobh Association invites you to the Big American Swim, Snámh Mór Meirceánach, Whitepoint at 3 pm on Sunday 13th August 2023. The American Pier was constructed in 1918 to facilitate transfer of naval servicemen for treatment in the Naval Base Hospital No. 4 at Whitepoint.

This event will focus on the US presence in Cobh during WW1 and the pier which has been a local landmark and an outdoor recreation amenity ever since.

An outdoor photo exhibition will feature incredible images courtesy of the US Naval History and Heritage Command, Imperial War Museum and newspaper archives. These historical images tell a story all on their own of a time when the Americans Forces had facilities all around Cobh and Cork Harbour, many in temporary buildings.

Since the war ended the last remaining physical reminder of their presence is the pier in Whitepoint that has become fondly known as the American Pier. Many generations have enjoyed swimming here all year round as the pier protects swimmers from tidal currents. Also many dive into the sheltered swimming area with many a child in Cobh learning to swim from the pier.

Step back in time as swimmers in their vintage 1920 style swimsuits and the Cobh Animation Team in their WW1 nurse uniforms bring history to life. Join us for a swim, a splash or a paddle or to soak up the atmosphere and to get a sense of the immense history associated with this location.

The American Pier Cobh Association comprises residents and local community groups intent on repairing this pier to ensure it and its stories remain for future generations. Further information available at www.americanpiercobh.com

This event is supported by Cork County Council and the Heritage Council under the County Heritage Plan Funding 2023.

Please note there is no parking available on the day at the pier. Park at Five Foot Carpark or on the Lower Road.

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