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Askeaton Ballysteen River and Estuary Community Workshops

14, 21 August, 11am - 2:30pm

Askeaton Ballysteen Community Council

  • Askeaton Community Hall
  • The Quay, Askeaton
  • Co. Limerick

The town of Askeaton was built on the River Deel and Deel Estuary. From an ancient port town to a modern town with busy industry and a strong swimming, angling and rowing culture, the Deel has supported the community and surrounding areas for several hundred years. It's location, near the Shannon Estuary, means its water supports a unique diversity of wildlife as the estuary transitions into freshwater. However, at present many issues currently face the Deel including wastewater pollution, invasive species and nutrient and sediment runoff.

Community workshops will be held in Askeaton exploring the water quality and biodiversity of the River Deel and the Shannon and Deel Estuary. Participants will learn how community action can make a difference for their local waterbody and will attend practical demonstrations where they will get to see what creatures live below the water and how the environment affects them. A community water biodiversity action plan will be created following the workshops that will help the community to plan and carry out effective projects.

This promises to be a fun celebration of the importance of the Deel to our community and we hope that participants will leave the workshops with a sense of ownership and pride in their local waterbody!

This event will be suitable for all.

A talk will be held in the hall (wheelchair accessible) on both days.

The practical workshop on Sunday, 14th August will involve a field visit to a river. Please bring wellies.
The practical workshop on Sunday, 21st August will involve a walk around the town (wheelchair accessible).

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