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Mary kate jennings

An Bhean Ghlúine

13 August, 9am - 5pm

Emma Laffey

  • Co. Galway – County

An Bhean Ghluine
Midwife – Women of the Knee – Handywoman

Event Launch of short film " Life from a Midwife's bag"

This project will introduce you to some of the wonderful women who were midwives during the early part of the 20th century. It will highlight their courageous work and dedication to midwifery in a time when pregnancy brought so much uncertainty. In the earlier part of the 20th century they were known as a handywoman. Every local village had one and she was called on for all of the local births. These women were mainly uneducated but learned from the women before them on birthing.

In this heritage event we are launching our short film " A life from a midwife's bag" on Mary Kate Jennings who was a community midwife in Ballinasloe district during the 1940/50s. Her family have kept her beautiful midwifery bag with all of her instruments she used during her time as a midwife. In this short film The Jennings family chat about their mother's life, her midwifery and being a mother.

There is also seven podcasts from family members and members of the community chatting about their experience of midwifery and being a patient.

Lastly there is an e-book to view photographs and memorabilia from these wonderful women.

All of the above are available to view online on the Skehana & District Heritage Group website.

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