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Utilising Traditional Instruments to Record Climatological Data

12 August, 10am - 4pm

  • Straide, Co. Mayo
  • F26 FX37
  • Co. Mayo

Join us for a demonstration at the Michael Davitt Museum, where we will showcase the innovative utilisation of traditional instruments housed in a Stevenson Screen to record climatological data. In a world dominated by modern technology, we aim to revive the timeless wisdom of our ancestors and harness their expertise to address pressing environmental challenges.

This unique event will unveil the synergy between heritage and science, as we showcase the profound capabilities of traditional instruments. Witness the fusion of old and new as we bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology, unlocking a wealth of knowledge hidden within our rich cultural heritage.

Through this demonstration, we seek to highlight the untapped potential of traditional instruments in recording climatological data. These instruments have withstood the test of time, preserving the wisdom of our forebears and their deep understanding of the natural world. By reviving and incorporating these traditional tools into modern scientific practices, we can gain valuable insights into climate patterns and inform sustainable solutions for the future.

Come and immerse yourself in a captivating experience as we explore the remarkable accuracy and reliability of these time-honoured instruments. Engage with passionate Tour Guides who will guide you through the process.
Join us as we celebrate our cultural heritage while paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future.

Together, we can unlock the secrets of the past to forge a path towards a better tomorrow. Outdoor family event. All welcome.

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Heritage Council Grant

This event is part of a project supported under the Heritage Council's grants programme in 2023

Funded by The Heritage Council

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