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National Heritage Week English White on Pink

1798 Living History Encampment Reenactment

20 August, 9:30am - 7pm
21 August, 9am - 4pm

David Alexander

  • Killala
  • Fair green Killala
  • Co. Mayo

In August 1798, a French fleet landed in Killala Bay, County Mayo with 1,060 soldiers under the command of General Humbert. He landed his troops with three cannons and a supply of arms and occupied the town of Killala. The United Irishmen then issued proclamations urging locals to join as recruits. A thousand peasant farmers come forward to be drilled and armed. 5,500 muskets were handed out to other farmers, while many more armed themselves with pikes.

This event will be a weekend of living history, a military encampment and traditional entertainment where time will turn back to 1798, an important period in the history of Killala and North Mayo. Encompassing a living history encampment showcasing traditional crafts and skills the weekend will see Kilalla experience the sights, sounds and smells of more traditional times.

Reenactors in full uniforms will represent the French soldiers, the United Irishmen and the British regiments of the period. This is an opportunity for the audience to interact with and experience daily life of the time period. All are welcome enlist and participate in marching drills and manoeuvres.

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