Update on Raheen na Chluig Dig

Update on Raheen na Chluig Dig

23 August, 7pm - 8pm

  • Medieval Bray Project
  • Bray Library - Eglinton Road
  • Co. Wicklow

Preliminary results of the 2018 investigations at Raheen na Chluig Church. Based on last year's excavation this is a very exciting area from an archaeological perspective.

A community-led research excavation was undertaken at Raheenacluig Church , Bray, during Heritage Week 2017. Artefacts recovered from the topsoil ranged from prehistoric lithics to modern 20c transfer and glazed wares. Under the topsoil there was a range of post-medieval material including ceramics, structural ferrous objects, floorboard nails and possible furniture tacks from at least the 16th century to the 20th century giving a window into prehistoric and post-medieval around the church.

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  • Admission Free

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  • Not suitable for Children under 12
  • Wheelchair Access (Full)
  • No Car Parking Available